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Cyber Risk

In an increasingly digital world, the growing frequency of cyberattacks is a concern for companies worldwide.

  • Cyber attacks: what the hack

    Cyberattacks are a growing geopolitical risk, becoming larger, more intricate and more relentless. They are a significant threat to individual organizations and national security.

    Geopolitical Risk

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The evolving cyber landscape

Cyber risk has been increasing in recent years as entities embrace digitalization — further catalyzed by COVID-19 and the abrupt transition to digital life. Nearly every exchange of information comes with some level of cyber risk.

Breaches can lead to devastating financial consequences for an organization and its stakeholders. With the potential to significantly impact revenue, regulatory compliance, customer relationships, and employee privacy, cybersecurity practices are no longer an IT initiative — they are a business priority.

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Cyber Risk Assessment

Cyber Risk Assessment enables your organization to quantify the financial impact of cyber risk, enabling enterprise-wide cyber resilience planning.

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Cyber M&A Assessment

S&P Global Ratings Cyber M&A Assessment helps your organization identify critical cyber risk factors ahead of a merger or acquisition. It can provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of the potential impact of a proposed transaction. Gain insight into cyber risk factors for the Acquirer, Target, and unique insight the Merged Entity's cyber risk posture.

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IPqwery provides intellectual property (IP) datasets consisting of both patent and trademark records for public and private companies owning IP.

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October 25, 2022
Cyber Trends and Credit Risks

Cyberthreats are no longer an emerging risk and as such, need to be an embedded part of an entity’s overall risk management profile, updated as threats evolve. While companies recognize cybersecurity is a higher priority today, roughly 40% still don’t have a chief information security officer (CISO).

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Cyber Risk in a New Era

S&P Global Ratings

The increasing frequency of cyber attacks and the potential for rapid deterioration in credit profiles after an attack are risk factors that are relevant for our rating assessments now.

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Cyber Security Analysis

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Our cyber security coverage provide the data and insight so that you can meet your risk appetite, balance privacy regulations, and effectively manage security operations.